the world's first monolithic, solid-state battery

Today's Challenge

The BB-2590 is one of the most used lithium batteries in today's U.S. military ground forces. This picture shows what one bullet can do when it strikes this battery. What makes this standard battery so explosive are the toxic chemicals and volatile electrolyte mix found inside.

The Solution

Today's BB-2590

Tomorrow's Monolithium-2590

Monolithium removes all of the toxic, volatile materials and replaces them with a solid-electrolyte, and cobalt-free matrix of safe materials that cannot catch on fire, is completely nontoxic, and has fast charge and discharge capabilities ultimately providing a safer, less expensive, and dramatically better battery for today's warfighter.

Our Story

...rechargeable power for anyone, anywhere, and in any form

Monolithium solid state battery promises to disrupt the field of battery tech...


Electric vehicles, portable devices/tools, wearable medical devices, satellites, UAVs, and long-term grid storage


No liquid, fast charge & discharge, nontoxic, cobalt-free, nonflammable, lower cost & weight


Founded through the National Security Innovation Network, the team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders from the military, laboratories, and tech sectors.